Telangana RTA Dept Introduced TS M-Wallet Mobile App 2016

TS M Wallet App 2016 Launched by IT Minister K.Taraka Rama Rao

The Telangana State Transport Department has taken a good decision to implement strict rules. The RTA has started RTA M Wallet App for best guidelines in the Telangana State. It will be launched by the Minister K Taraka Rama Rao on Saturday. The RTA M-Wallet will help you to avoid carrying driving license, RC book, Insurance papers and other vehicle documents. Now it is not required to carry with you. If you have one Smart phone, just install TS M Wallet App 2016 from google play store. It is a free app and one can register by using the name and the details will be connected to the Telangana Transport Department. Download from your mobile app and updated all required documents into the RTA M Wallet. Owners can get an E-driving license, E-RC, E-Insurance and E-Pollution documents from this App.

Telangana RTA M Wallet Application Registration Process

The TS M Wallet App 2016 will be very useful during checking of Road transport authorities or Police commission. Everyone can show their M Wallet for verification documents. Motorists must download the RTA M Wallet app and Register with their name, mobile number. Motorists can download Digital documents by e-Driving License, e-RC, e-Insurance and e-Pollution documents from this M-Wallet App. These digital certificates are accepted by the RTA authorities and Police during the verification. This app supports for Android phones, IOS and Windows. The RTA M Wallet app helps you to pull information from RTA servers to your phone. Follow the below steps to register your name and upload required documents.

Steps to download & Register yourself :

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for RTA M-Wallet app.
  2. Click on install button and open it.
  3. Enter your name, Email ID & Mobile number.
  4. Click on Register button.
  5. Now you should receive an OTP Message and enter the OTP number.
  6. Click on submit button.
  7. If you don’t get OTP, then again click on Resend OTP.
  8. You have 2 options, namely, RC and Driving License.
  9. Click on RC and enter the vehicle registration number and last 5 digits of Vehicle chassis number.
  10. Click on GET button.
  11. Now the RTA pulls the vehicle registered details with insurance details.
  12. And also click on Driving license button and give required details and GET your Driving license details.

Note: If the motorist registered in another state (out of Telangana State) and registered with another state of RTA office, then the M Wallet app is not useful for them.

Minister K Taraka Rama Rao launched RTA M Wallet 2016 App on Saturday to avoid carrying driving license, RC book, Insurance papers and other vehicle documents.

Download Govt. of Telangana M-Wallet App

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Dear Sir / Madam,
My vehicle registration was that of erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh. My Driving License too was issued long ago with validity until 2018. It was issued way back in 2000 and has numbers / alphabets / numbers.
I am unable to use the most useful of the M Wallet services. Can you suggest further, if we have a facility to upload the documents in pdf format ?
Please suggest further.

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