Computer Awareness Questions Answer Banking Examinations

Computer Awareness Questions Answer Banking Examinations :

Computer Awareness :Here we are providing the topĀ  Computer Awareness Questions for Bank Examinations with questions and answers. As we all know that any types of banking or government competitive examinations contains questions on computer knowledge. Now Computer Awareness & General Knowledge for banking or civil services examinations has become one of the most important part. You can score full marks, if you have done good preparation & as well as practices on it. So here we have given top Computer Awareness , General Knowledge Questions for Bank Exam.

Fill in the Blanks:

01. A string of ____________ 0s and 1s is called a byte.

Answer: eight (8).

02. Input devices are used to provide the steps and tasks the computer needs to process data, and these steps and tasks are called ____________.

Answer: instructions.

03. Between PCs and Macs, the ____________ is the platform of choice for graphic design and animation.

Answer: Mac.

04. ____________software helps you carry out tasks, such as typing a document or creating a spreadsheet.

Answer: Application.

05. The ____________ is the program that manages the hardware of the computer system, including the CPU, memory, storage devices, and input/output devices.

Answer: operating system.

06. The binary language consists of two digits: ____________ and ____________.

Answer: 0 and 1.

07. A computer gathers data, processes it, outputs the data or information, and ____________ the data or information.

Answer: stores.

08. The type of operating system software you use depends on your computer’s ____________.

Answer: platform.

09. A ____________ is approximately 1,000 bytes.

Answer: kilobyte.

10. ____________are the fastest and most expensive computers.

Answer: Supercomputers.

11. ____________ are computers that excel at executing many different computer programs at the same time.

Answer: Mainframes.

12. The devices you use to enter data into a computer system are known as ____________ devices.

Answer: input.

13. When you connect to the ____________, your computer is communicating with a server at your Internet service provider (ISP).

Answer: Internet.

14. The devices on a computer system that let you see the processed information are known as ____________ devices.

Answer: output.

15. ____________ is the set of computer instructions or programs that enables the hardware to perform different tasks.

Answer: Software.

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